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Aeronautical and Astronautical Science and Technology (15)丨 Aeronautics (35)丨 Agricultural economy management (16)丨 Agricultural Engineering (34)丨 Animal production sciences (20)丨 Applied Economics (92)丨 Architecture (32)丨 Arts (163)丨 Astronomical Sciences (11)丨 Atmospherical Sciences (9)丨


Biochemical Engineering (21)丨 Biological Sciences (371)丨 Biomedical Engineering (11)丨 Biotechnology (18)丨 Business Administration (346)丨


Chemical Engineering & Pharmaceutical Engineering (113)丨 Chemical Engineering and Technology (60)丨 Chemistry Science (254)丨 Chinese and Western integrative Medicine (25)丨 Chinese Language & Literature (244)丨 Chinese Philosophy (195)丨 Civil Engineering (69)丨 Clinical Medicine and Associated Medical Sciences (504)丨 Communication and Transportation Engineering (37)丨 Computer Science and Technology (146)丨 Construction (105)丨 Control Science and Engineering (119)丨 Crop Science (11)丨


Economics Sciences (394)丨 Educational Studies (178)丨 Electrical Engineering (70)丨 Electrical Information (365)丨 Electronic and Information Science (15)丨 Electronics Science and Technology (65)丨 Environment and Safety (94)丨 Environmental and Ecological Sciences (6)丨 Environmental Science (33)丨 Environmental Science and Engineering (79)丨 Ethnology (27)丨


Fishery Science (6)丨 Food Science and Engineering (47)丨 Foreign Languages & Literature (174)丨 Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics (Business Communication) (28)丨 Foreign Philosophy (14)丨 Forensic Medicine (16)丨 Forestry (14)丨 Forestry Engineering (4)丨


Geographical Sciences (56)丨 Geological Resources and Geological Engineering (28)丨 Geological Sciences (35)丨 Geology and Mineral Resources (65)丨 Geophysical Sciences (4)丨


Historical Sciences (177)丨 History of Science and Technology (5)丨 Horticulture (15)丨 Hydraulic Engineering (26)丨


Information and Communication (83)丨 Instrument Science and Technology (23)丨 Instrumentation (67)丨 International Economy &Trade (28)丨


Journalism & Mass Medium (60)丨 Journalism and Communication (9)丨 Jurisprudence (7)丨


Law (184)丨 Library and Archive Science (19)丨 Literature (63)丨


Management Science and Engineering (195)丨 Mapping (8)丨 Marxism Theory (112)丨 Marxist Philosophy (13)丨 Material Science (23)丨 Material Science (243)丨 Materials Science and Engineering (29)丨 Mathematical Sciences (263)丨 Mechanical (405)丨 Mechanics (36)丨 Mineral Engineering (19)丨 MTCSOL (Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages) (1)丨


Naval Architecture and Ocean (4)丨 Nuclear Science and Technology (6)丨 Nursing Science (26)丨 Nutrition (18)丨


Oceanographic Sciences (14)丨 Oil and Natural Gas Engineering (18)丨 Optical Engineering (34)丨


Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems (16)丨 Pharmaceutical Science (85)丨 Pharmacy (134)丨 Physical Sciences (209)丨 Physics (54)丨 Plant production sciences (26)丨 Political Sciences (134)丨 Power Division (47)丨 Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics (91)丨 Pratacultural (3)丨 Preclinical Medicine (195)丨 Preventive Medicine (120)丨 Psychological Sciences (29)丨 Psychology (39)丨 Public Administration (99)丨 Public Security & Technology (4)丨


Science and Technology (9)丨 Science of Business Administration (61)丨 Science of Engineering Mechanics (13)丨 Science of Forest resources (9)丨 Science of Law (73)丨 Science of Library, Information and Archival (12)丨 Science of Ocean Engineering (12)丨 Science of Physical Culture and Sports (56)丨 Science of Public Management (45)丨 Science of Public Security (2)丨 Science of Textile & food Engineering (92)丨 Science of Traffic & Transportation (60)丨 Science of Veterinary (5)丨 Sciences of Mechenics (8)丨 Sino-Korean Simultaneous (1)丨 Sociological Sciences (74)丨 Statistical Sciences (12)丨 Stomatology (67)丨 Surveying and Mapping (12)丨 Systems Engineering (17)丨 Systems Sciences (23)丨


Theoretical Economics (33)丨 Traditional Chinese Medicine (94)丨


Vocational Technology Education (4)丨


Water Conservancy (27)丨 Weapons Systems (7)丨